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Sticking with the Program

September 22, 2008

The first camera I ever really used I borrowed from my Dad when I was in college. It still worked flawlessly then and still does now. This was my introduction to Pentax and for some reason I still remain brand loyal to this day. It isn’t that I don’t research what else is on the market, I do. Nikon has some fantastic kit out now and Canon is no slouch. But, not being a huge fan of zooms I can’t seem to break away from the Pentax camp. They have long made some of the best fixed focal length lenses around.

I recently sold off some seldom used lenses with the goal of reinvesting in photographic equipment. After briefly entertaining a complete system switch, that Nikon D90 is looking pretty sweet, I think I’ll stay put. The DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited is too nice to pass up. I have the DA 21mm Limited and the build quality is a thing to behold. The DA Limiteds from Pentax are built the way all the old lenses were built, well save for the lack of an aperture ring. All metal housing, great damping of the focus ring, a real pleasure to use. I’ll probably get around to finally getting a flash too.

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