Urban Farming 2008

I finally got the garden planted for the year. My wife bought me a copy of the Square Foot Gardening book. Here is a shot of the freshly planted garden.

Nothing fancy, from right to left the front row has two basil, one rosemary and one oregano. There is bell pepper, mint, and a small pickling cucumber in the next row. In the back row is a cherry tomato and better boy tomato. It it weren’t for the awful drought we had last summer our harvest would have been great. I hope this year is a good deal better.


2 Responses to “Urban Farming 2008”

  1. realneel Says:

    Wow that looks great!! Is that the drip irrigation pipe below there?

  2. Matthew Montgomery Says:

    Wasn’t getting notified of new comments, sorry. I half buried a soaker hose and ran it up and down each row. It is currently running for around 30 mins a day at 7 AM.

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