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Flashing the Linksys WRT350N

August 31, 2007

Once Rama posted some favorable results after a recent AirPort upgrade, I decided to drop the cash for a WRT350N of my own. I have been running the home network on a WRT54G v2.2 flashed with a beta of DD-WRT v24. The idea was to migrate to the new hardware using the same software.

After some sleuthing on the interwebs, I discovered that I needed version 1.0 of the WRT350N which is still Broadcom based and supported by DD-WRT. Various folks have reported receiving version 2.0 units which would, for now, keep me tethered to the stock firmware. Either I got lucky or the version 2.0 units just aren’t that prevalent out in the wild because when the friendly UPS truck came, it was indeed bearing a version 1.0 for me.

The initial flashing was rather easy once I booted up Windows on my Mac. Using Firefox or Safari I would get the rather humorous error message, “Upgrade are failed.” This makes me think those Linksys engineers are big fans of Zero Wing. A bit more research revealed that I needed to use IE for the initial flash from the stock Linksys firmware. Granted, it was stated that the OS X version of IE would work but who still uses that?

The new router is now happily running DD-WRT v24 RC1 and most of my settings have been migrated. I haven’t cut over to it yet because that means I have to get under the house. Yep, one of the main reasons for getting this router was the gigabit switch fueled by my grand scheme of running three CAT-5e cables into the sun room. The WRT350N was the last bit I needed and now I have no excuse not to get down into the basement and then into two different crawl spaces to run cable. Well, I guess I can still use spiders as an excuse.