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The Drunk Guy Outside Identified

June 25, 2007

I had posted about a lost drunk guy that was lurking outside our home. Well, after eating my lunch one day I thought I would take a walk around the back yard and get some fresh air. I didn’t expect to find a United States Passport lying on the ground beside the house. We looked up the phone number for the address listed and I spoke with his Mom. Her son, the owner of said passport, had recently lost his wallet as well. She gave me his phone number and I gave him a call. I asked him if he knew how his passport had gotten in my back yard. He replied that he had absolutely no idea, but he lives on my block and walked by to pick it up. Yes my friends, I believe this may in fact *be* “Woooo guy.” So I guess you can get so drunk that you can’t find your way home, at least on the first try.