Urban Farming

Inspired by Rama, we have some tomatoes in the ground. Well tomatoes, a red bell pepper plant and two basil plants. This is the first home my wife and I have had with a yard. Not a big yard mind you, since we live in the city, but we do have a handy flower bed that can double for a garden.

Yes the need for weeding never ends. In addition, that line of ground cover and bulbs you see in the back used to extend all the way up to the rock barrier. As one who used to hate yard work when my Dad made me do it, I have found a great deal of enjoyment working outside on the weekends.


4 Responses to “Urban Farming”

  1. rama Says:

    right on- that looks like a great spot. I find gardening therapeutic, when its not just pure labor like digging trenches. BTW, the bell pepper will require full sun IIRC. I hope that wall doesn’t shade it too much.

  2. matthew Says:

    Hmmm… The bell pepper is getting full sun until the mid-afternoon. So far it is looking the healthiest of the bunch.

  3. june Says:

    wow you’re basil plants are looking great! As for weeding I find that to be a great stress reliever. Something about tearing things out of the ground takes the edge off of things. 🙂
    And as for not having a lot of yard there are a variety of methods for gardening in a small space. I’m personally a big fan of the biointensive method:
    …and garden by John Jeavons book:
    …there is a more recent edition of this but I couldn’t find a link.
    Good luck with your veggies!

  4. Matthew Says:

    Looks like it is about time to get the 2008 garden going. Hope the weather corporates for prep this weekend.

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