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Urban Farming

April 30, 2007

Inspired by Rama, we have some tomatoes in the ground. Well tomatoes, a red bell pepper plant and two basil plants. This is the first home my wife and I have had with a yard. Not a big yard mind you, since we live in the city, but we do have a handy flower bed that can double for a garden.

Yes the need for weeding never ends. In addition, that line of ground cover and bulbs you see in the back used to extend all the way up to the rock barrier. As one who used to hate yard work when my Dad made me do it, I have found a great deal of enjoyment working outside on the weekends.


Deliver your Green Message the Wrong Way

April 23, 2007

As spotted flying over Nashville.

I took it with my Treo so yeah, the picture is horrible. What you can’t see is an ad that states “Face it coal is filthy.” This is part of a recent campaign to get the word out around colleges about global warming. By the way, that site has problems rendering for me in Firefox. OK, so your plan to make me think about how coal damages our environment is to have an airplane needlessly circle a city for who knows how long? That isn’t what I call leading by example. Well I guess you have to burn fossil fuels to save fossil fuels from burning. Wait what?

Perhaps mobilize your community to get the word out on foot? Maybe even do some printing on recycled paper?