Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

I have been wanting to switch over to compact fluorescent light bulbs at home but a few things stand in my way. First off, we have six different styles of light bulb currently. Finding suitable replacements for all of these might take some time. Just swapping out the run of the mill standard 60W bulb seems like a good start. My main problem here is the color temperature. The few I have tried have not been warm enough. I have never liked the slickly color that fluorescents have exhibited.

This past weekend I picked up a Phillips Marathon Soft White Plus bulb. It almost gets it right. First off the shape (A-shaped) is like a traditional incandescent, this is good in my opinion. It is a 16W bulb that is said to be the equivalent of a 60W incandescent. It doesn’t quite match up and is noticeably dimmer than the bulb it replaced. They apparently make a 20W (75W equivalent) which I will try next time. Now the color temperatures is better than any other compact fluorescent I have tried but it is still too cool, still too noticeably different to me.

What I need is a 20W (75W equivalent) warm white compact fluorescent light bulb. So far I have not seen any warm white options locally. Does anyone out there have a recommendation and perhaps a reputable online source?


3 Responses to “Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs”

  1. rama Says:

  2. Robert Says:

    Greeline makes a 20w compact fluorescent # 20w/ELS-M/Z 2700K. The 2700K is the color. 2700 Kelvin. This is the warm light that simulates the standard incandescent bulb. Phillips as well as Sylvania also make the 20watt bulb.

  3. matthew Says:

    Thanks for the tip Robert.

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